June 24, 2016

A.R.T. Project - 3D Areola Reconstruction Tattoo

Hello breast cancer survivors!! Most people who know me as an artist know how passionate I am about helping men and women who have survived breast cancer on covering up their scars. Over this last week I have furthered my education in this subject and now have been certified to do areola reconstruction!! There are not many artists in the Midwest that are educated and certified in this craft. 

I am here to offer a deal of a lifetime for a lucky 6-8 breast cancer survivors. I am looking for 6-8 people to do nipple reconstruction on to build a portfolio to give to the local hospitals to help Dr.s and survivors know that they do have an option on helping you get back to what you remember seeing before all the surgeries. The deal with these participants is that the procedure will be done for free but I will have full rights to the photos of the process to be put in this portfolio. Faces will not be in the photos. So don't worry about that. This will be more of an educational tool for Dr.s here in St. Louis. Please PM me if you're interested in this offer!! Men and women both welcomed!!!