Sacred Tattooing


Tattooing has been with humankind throughout the ages. It has been a marking in time during a life for many significant stages. Shamans and other holy men and women were traditionally the ones that would be head of the group or either the one who did the actual tattooing. It has been done to mark the time between childhood and being an adult, to help ward off evil spirits and powers, to helps add protection to the wearer whether it for battle or even against illnesses and it has also been used to help mark certain areas of the body for medicine men to treat over and over.  
         Tattooing in todays culture has a bit of a different meaning to the general public but there are some who still in todays time see the ritualistic healing it can do for them. Even if they are aware of it or not. Have you ever had a tattoo session and there was an instant connection with the artist and maybe even some emotions came up or seemed to be healed during or after your session? If your answer is yes, then you have had some sort of sacred experience with that tattoo. Not everyone is looking for this kind of tattooing but in my experience in tattooing over the years it seems there are more and more of these experiences. 
         I myself have had many sessions like this, especially when I was younger getting tattooed. I was not fully aware of what was going on but in a sense I truly was.... because I knew when I needed it and it always made me feel more empowered afterwards. That is what made me get into tattooing. I had such a life changing experience with either the piece or the artist and environment that I knew that, that was what I was here to give back to the community of people interested in this art. 
         In my sessions of tattooing, if you want this type of ceremony, there will be both the artist/shaman and the client. There can also be sacred objects used during the process. Objects like feathers, crystals, flowers, building alters, chants or mantras, meditations and oils and sage cleanses. If anyone is allergic to any kind of oils or anything please let me know and I will take that into planning your session. There is always a consultation done for these special ceremonies so I can make sure everything is set up and ready to go for your personal growth experience with tattooing. I am the owner of Seed of Life Tattoos in a small town just 30 min south of St. Louis, Missouri. This is a small private studio in the hills and river land to ensure your privacy and to make this experience all your own. You can find my shop at if you would like to see my portfolio.